BIM Sustainability Online


Sustainable principles are no longer disputed knowledge for construction industry leaders and professionals; they are a core part of current building practice. This unit emphasises critical regard for the implementation of preferred or standard but also cutting edge sustainable strategies in specialised projects at a global level to develop research-based practice. Students obtain knowledge of BIM model’s database to inquire after material and quantity attributes and values for real­-time energy analyses and prototyping. Consolidating knowledge of site analysis and precedent studies, students apply understanding to drive iterative, exploratory and integrated processes throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Students are able to (1) apply technical and analytical skills to test a building for its thermal and passive solar performance; (2) manage and apply input and output data for energy and comfort optimization in order to refine design solutions; (3) identify tools for early design simulation of visual, acoustic, and thermal comfort; and (4) demonstrate theoretical knowledge underpinning sustainability principles and strategies.

Course Content

Lessons Status

Sustainability 01 – Climate Change


Sustainability 02 – Industry Considerations


Sustainability 03 – Developing a Sustainability Plan


Sustainability 04 – BIM Thermal


Sustainability 05 – BIM Lighting and Power


Sustainability 06 – BIM Ventilation


Sustainability 07 – Photomodelling


Sustainability 08 – Internet of Things


Sustainability 09 – Facilities Management


Sustainability 10 – Facilities Management – Maintenance Using Autodesk BIM 360 Ops FM


Sustainability 11 – Water Management